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ASTRALS architecture consists of the Residential Gateway (RG), which is the entrance to ASTRALS home, and efficient storage, wireless and A/V encoding extensions. Based on user profile and networks conditions, the video streams are encoded, transcoded/ transrated, transformed or stored and then distributed via wired or optimised wireless links. Additionally, intelligent local or remote surveillance provides advanced security features and offers a state-of-the art platform from added valued services.

In order to achieve ASTRALS vision the following development/activities will take place:

  • Stream-Optimised Wireless Extensions focused on ASTRALS’ in-home wireless architecture. ASTRALS will define an optimised IP-based wireless system to support A/V streaming in indoor environment with QoS capabilities, study and simulate enhanced MIMO extensions for 5GHz and implications up to 60GHz, study and simulate mesh technologies for in-home environment and develop a wireless demonstrator prototype.
  • Scalable A/V Coding, Storage and Transmission. ASTRALS A/V platform will host SVC coding, streaming and storage based on MP4 File Format. Additionally, innovative Erosion Storage feature will be implemented for intelligent surveillance applications.
  • Error Resilient Video Adaptation/Transcoding. ASTRALS will provide transcoding and transrating from MPEG2/ MPEG-4 (simple profile) to H.264 (baseline profile), encryption sub-systems which allow processing of encrypted video and an error-resilient H.264/SVC decoder and distribution to portable devices.
  • RG System and Network Integration. ASTRALS will offer services personalization, integration between the RG system and the storage, wireless and A/V extensions, and end-to-end network validation.
  • Home Surveillance Validation. Within ASTRALS, new algorithms for human tracking, activities analysis and abnormal event detection will be developed. The expected result is a platform based A/V home monitoring system capable of detecting abnormal events and showcasing the results.

ASTRALS (IST-028097) is an Information Society Technologies (IST) project co-funded under EU's sixth framework (FP6)