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ASTRALS (IST-028097) is a project focused on personalised scalable A/V encoding, transcoding/ transrating, storage and distribution in existing households via streaming-optimised wireless links.

ASTRALS motivation is to implement scalable solutions, which will enable a new beam of innovative A/V products and services including personalised, network-aware video adaptation and distribution in multiple heterogeneous terminals (from low-cost PDAs to high-end home cinemas) and intelligent surveillance, utilising a broadband in-home network.

ASTRALS envisages a personalised, network agnostic, A/V architecture. A state-of-the art Residential Gateway, enhanced with A/V optimised and broadband wireless extensions, will be the centre of ASTRALS home-centred A/V platform. Without excluding legacy network interfaces, ASTRALS will specify and prototype a streaming-optimised, IEEE 802.16 based, wireless platform as the major in-home distribution medium. MIMO simulations and mesh architecture will provide for efficient home coverage and ad-hoc networking, with minimal administration requirements.

The RG will provide enhancements for A/V scalable/personalised encoding, transcoding/ transrating, storage and distribution based on user/services profiles, content and network conditions. H.264 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) and Scalable Video Coding (SVC), A/V transcoding/trans-rating, and erosion-featured storage derived from personalised preferences, will be provided on a specialized fully programmable A/V platform. Moreover, content media adaptation and efficient transmission based on feedback from the wireless MAC and network layer will be implemented and validated.


ASTRALS and ENTHRONE II liaison on Media Delivery activities


ASTRALS, HaH and ENTHRONE II to work together on interoperability issues.

TID will host the ASTRALS-HaH workshop in Madrid on 14/12/2007

ASTRALS-HaH workshop.

ASTRALS (IST-028097) is an Information Society Technologies (IST) project co-funded under EU's sixth framework (FP6)